Sunday, March 21, 2010

yup yup i love my lady SMB

these past few days i pretty much relived my ideal weekend
Friday I went to Emma's place and she celebrated her b-day at her house the party was really smashing. Before the party started we helped her set up the tables and liqour, then we had dinner with the whole group and after that she opened her presents and she got her dick in a box lol.
the next day i went to the city and bought me some new vans, i adore the colour it's my favourite (olive green) after that i had to work and then I ate my favourite dinner enchiladas!!! (thanks mommie)
then my girl stephanie came by and we went to the city and went to demain i love that place not only the interior is beautifull and the environment is awsome, their cocktails are absolutely mind blowing!!

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