Saturday, April 17, 2010

in time we hate that which we often fear

Yesterday I've had the time of my life, my friend celebrated her birthday and we went with 10 girls out at arnhem it was so much fun, when we came in the club it was a bit boring but we immediately started dancing and after a few minutes we had the whole club dancing with us. I was even dancing salsa with some lady I didn't know.When we left they said it was boring withous us but we wanted to see some more clubs to start another party over there .. today my friend stephanie came over before I had to work and we made some pics

(everything is h&m)


  1. Wat een leuke foto's en lovely outfit:)

  2. leuke foto's!! en de outfit, super!

  3. love the leggings and the heels on you :D je bent btw te cute ghehe

    (new follower!)


  4. Love the blouse.


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