Saturday, May 01, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting guys but I'll make it op to you.. Lately I've been working on myself a lot, busy with school and I went to a lottt of party's. Thursday and friday were the best! thursday Qnight at my town it was so awesome and friday first I decided not to go to Arnhem because of the awful weather but in the afternoon the sun came out a little bit so we decided to go after all and damnnnnn it was so great. The music everywhere just blowed my mind .. i've almost been the whole time with boys only actually i prefer being with guys because they don't complain so much and they're very easy going but ofcourse it's also nice to have some good girlfriends to share your girl stuff with <3 btw here's a blog of one of the guys i've gone with you should check it out his writing, it's beautiful i'll be posting some pictures later on
with love, N

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